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Haycraft stated: "motivation can be summed up, briefly, as the students' desire and need to learn the driving force that makes him work hard and pay attention (1978: 6). We usually use when or while to link these two sentences.Sentence in Past ContinuousSentence in Past SimpleWHEN++e.g. To find out the causes of errors in doing item of simple past tense. Very know b. http://pdfhelp.org/error-analysis/error-analysis-simple-present-tense.html

The learners sometimes do not realize that they make mistake because of ignoranceof the grammar.2.2 Description of Error AnalysisWe often hear that people make a lot of mistakes in their past It should be “She can sing”. According to Strauss and Corbin (2003), qualitative research is purposed as kinds of research that the result is not got through statistic procedure or another form arithmetic. There are 4 types of errors, namely: addition, omission,misformation and misordering. http://www.academia.edu/20221986/AN_ERROR_ANALYSIS_OF_STUDENTS_RECOUNT_WRITING_IN_USING_PAST_TENSE_AT_THE_FIRST_SEMESTER_ENGLISH_DEPARTMENT_STUDENTS_OF_STKIP-PGRI_LUBUKLINGGAU

Structured Observation Structured Observation is observation that had planned systematically so the observer knows certainly about the variable that will observe. However, there is part of the grammar that is considered to be the most difficult to learn for the Indonesian students, namely, tenses. In addition, the teacher should not see negatively as a sign of failure but see them positively as an indication of what the teacher still needs to teach. Events are where the students write about the things that happened and are identified and described in chronological order.

  1. The ability to write depends much on two aspects; they are (1) knowledge of the world and (2) knowledge of the language (Depdiknas, 2001).
  3. Smalley and Ruetten(1986:24) say that narration usually refers to telling of a story, the term is used to describedthe relating of an experience.
  4. Then man who wears glasses sings with he can sing.
  5. Place and Time of The Research Selection and determination of the location of the research is on SMAN 4 Kediri.
  6. Traditionally, grammar has been concerned almost exclusively with analysis at the level of the sentence.

Past verbs are divided into two kinds: regular and irregular. One of the purposes of writing thesis is to know the types of error andthe causes of them. There are 4 types oferrors that for ommision are 93 or 25.62%, for addition are 40 or 11.02%, for misformationthere was 133 or 36.64%, and for misordering are 97 or 26.72%. Dubin F.

MuhijarMuchtar, MSRahmadsyahRangkuti, MA, Ph.DNIP. 19541117 1980031 002NIP. 19750209 200812 0023Universitas Sumatera Utara Accepted by the Board of Examiners in partial fulfillment of requiremnets forthe degree of SarjanaHumaniora from the English Department, Do you feel interested when your teacher teach recount text ? And the observation will do at the high school level to the period October 2013 to March 2014. http://repository.wima.ac.id/4996/ It is caused the learners’ basic experience ofcertain structure.

Often b. Miles and Huberman (1994) describe this first of their three elements of qualitative data analysis as data reduction. "Data reduction refers to the process of selecting, focusing, simplifying, abstracting, and transforming books Beranda ARTIKEL MAKALAH Senin, 14 Mei 2012 AN ERROR ANALYSIS ON THE USE OF SIMPLE PAST TENSE AMONG THE NINTH YEAR STUDENTS OF SMPN 3 PARE 02.06 MANNUR No comments In observation the researcher will observe errors on the use simple past tense in recount text written by the tenth year students of SMAN 4 Kediri.

Sometimes students still confuse how to use tensein a sentence. If the learners who are not interested in learning material are forced to be involved in the class, they will not learn anymore. Most of the students still find problems in using it, because of their limited mastery, especially the differences between regular and irregular verb. Data Display Data display is the second element or level in Miles and Huberman's (1994) model of qualitative data analysis.

The definition of writing In learning En... this content The text will be analyzed based on students errors on using simple past tense. 2. They are articles, parts of speech, modal auxiliaries, tenses, etc. The researcher applies randomly technique are taken to get arepresentative sample, there are 15 students as the sample.

By using language, they cancommunicate between one another. All of observation data will reported to measure the students error in writing recount text. Comrie (1985:41), states that :The meaning of the past is this location in time period to the present moment and any further deduction about temporal location that are made on the weblink The differences happen in the forms of the used verbs andthe time of verbs action take place.

CHAPTER III CHAPTER II THEORITICAL FRAMEWORK CHAPTER 2 RPP writing IMPROVING STUDENTS' SKILL IN WRITING DESCRIPTIVE T... ► Juni (1) Copyright (c) 2012 YunYinYun Blog. Purpose of The Research Based on the research questions above there are some purposes : 1. Background of The Problem Language is an important tool for communication.

Nunan (1989: 35) points out, "It has been argued that that learning to write fluently and expressively is the most difficult of the macro skills for all language users regardless of

Auxiliary verb "to be"The past form of the auxiliary verb "to be" is:1. Therefore, the first language can interfere learners in the process of the second language. Eassy c. a.

Edward (2001: 520) says that tense is a form of a verb that shows the time ofan action or condition. The average number oferrors made of all the students was 46%. This shows an inconsistency. check over here Designed by book of ra online Home About Browse Browse by Year Browse by Subject Browse by Division Browse by Author Login Error analysis on the use of simple past tense

In other words,the Indonesian students may find difficulties in using the correct structure in English. A different class of error is presented by sentences.22Universitas Sumatera Utara b. Sincestudents'learning English isstill affected by theirmother tongue, they often find problems in grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and the like. The test consists of 15 questions from English book.

Diposkan oleh w nietha di 22.39 Kirimkan Ini lewat EmailBlogThis!Berbagi ke TwitterBerbagi ke Facebook Tidak ada komentar: Poskan Komentar Posting Lebih Baru Posting Lama Beranda Langganan: Poskan Komentar (Atom) Teman Asrarul Nelson. 1958. Empirically, the studies about error analysis have carried out by a number of researchers such as Rina (1994), Andi Muhtar (2006), and Mansur (2008). I/a dog etc.e.g.

Beside that, this thesis can also be used as a reference for the otherresearchers who are interested to research the same topic in the future.Universitas Sumatera Utara CHAPTER IIREVIEW OF LITERATURE2.1 This includes errors on tenses in student's writing assignment. a. It is obvious that to minimize the presence of errors made by the students, the teacher has to give motivation.

Text Diberdayakan oleh Blogger. I was singinge.g. In this research, we use observation and interview for collect the data. Hendrickson, James M. 1980.